Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas

Sinaia, 15-16 April 2016


You are kindly invited to share the annual conference SITA. This year we would like speak about Thomas of Aquinas in the light of his intellectual sympathy to Aristotle in order to celebrate the 2 400 birth year of the philosopher from Stagira.

Thomas of Aquinas commented many works of Aristotle regarding arguments of physics, logic, metaphysics, ethics, politics etc. Reading Aristotle’s texts and, like in the mirror, Thomas’ comments, we will try to (re)discover how much hospitable the Greek thought was, and still it is for Christian faith, how great is it and which kinds of limits has the Aristotle’s philosophy, how did Thomas so many comments of Aristotle’s works without knowing the Greek language, what kind of fruits produced the dialogue between faith and reason, if the scholars and the academic people do have any interests in the topics discussed by our two thinkers and if the Thomist model of doing theology is still followed nowadays within the Catholic schools.

It should be reserved a special session for the interpreters of the relation between Aristotle and Thomas, inviting scholars to explore contributions of Thomist thinkers from the XX-th century: R. Garrigou-Lagrange, A.-D. Sertillanges, E. Gilson, J. Maritain, C. Fabro, R. McInnerny, L. Elders, A. Lobato and others.


Please send 300 words and a brief C.V. to Professor Wilhelm Dancă ( until April 4, 2016.
Presentation of accepted papers will be 20 minutes in length followed by 20 minutes discussion. Full papers (for which in order to promote in-depth investigation there is no upper page limit) will be published.



There is no registration fee. The organizer will offer accommodation at a low price (25 lei/5 euro/per night), while the transport and food expenses are met by the participants.




Casa de Odihnă, Aleea Poștei, n. 5, Sinaia.




Wilhelm Dancă
The Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology
University of Bucharest
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